01. Protesters [demonstrated] against cuts to the education budget outside the Parliament Buildings today.
02. The [demonstration] against U.S. foreign policy outside the American Embassy got ugly when people started throwing rocks and breaking windows.
03. Sue's children are quite [demonstrative] - always ready to give a hug and a kiss to friends when they arrive at their home.
04. Recent research has [demonstrated] a clear link between smoking parents and ear infections in children.
05. The parade was an obvious [demonstration] of the government's military strength.
06. Thousands of [demonstrators] were met by riot police armed with tear gas outside the embassy.
07. My wife goes to a health food store every week to watch the cooking [demonstrations] they put on.
08. Students from the university held a [demonstration] against the war in Kosovo outside the American Embassy in Paris last month.
09. William Arthur Ward once said that the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher [demonstrates], and the great teacher inspires.
10. Isaac Newton's estimates regarding the mass and density of the earth weren't [demonstrated] by science until a century after his death.
11. Spanking [demonstrates] to a child that it's alright for people to hit those that anger them.
12. My son has downloaded [demos] of a number of video games from the Internet.
13. A vacuum cleaner salesman gave us a [demo] today at our house, and was able to remove a bad stain from our carpet.
14. In the late 1980s, huge crowds of [demonstrators] in Latvia demanded democracy and an end to Soviet rule of their country.
15. Venezuelans are said to be a warm, [demonstrative] people who stand very closely together when talking.
16. Recent studies have [demonstrated] that drinking green tea may help to prevent breast cancer.
17. In March of 1960, almost 70 people were killed, and more than 180 wounded when police fired on a peaceful black [demonstration] in Sharpeville, South Africa.
18. Do you want me to [demonstrate] how the software works for you?
19. The child was [demonstrably] upset after losing the race, and had to be comforted by his mother.
20. Most of the people at the protest were well-behaved, but one [demonstrator] was arrested for breaking a store window.
21. Your thesis has a number of very serious and [demonstrable] errors that need to be addressed.
22. Jay works [demonstrating] vacuum cleaners at the department store.
23. A proper essay [demonstrates] a wide vocabulary and appropriate word choice.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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